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Breast Petals with soft padded centre for a smooth coverage.

Coverup Petals provide modest coverage over breasts . 3 pairs enclosed in this pack, with 2 x superior satin fabric petals, and one pair of reusable Silicone Petals.


Coverup Petals are moulded and shaped to give you a smooth look.


Statique Coverup Petals are perfect for:

Providing modest coverage when you dont wear a bra.

Providing extra coverage when wearing sheer, tight or revealing tops.


Kind to your skin, Coverup Petals are easy to remove from skin, and can be wiped over and stored for reuse.

For everyday or evening wear, under swimwear or gym gear, Statique Coverup Petals  are a wardrobe essential.

Value pack of 3 pairs of breast petals included.

So handy, keep a pack in your handbag!

Where can I buy ?

Available from pharmacies, selected fashion stores and online.


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