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Now theres an easy way to stop static clinging and sparking in the dryer, with Statique Anti-Static Dryer Cloth.


Simply spray Statique onto the specially woven antistatic cloth and place into the dryer. The conductive fibres in the unique cloth work together with the proven performance of Statique Anti-Static Spray to eliminate static! Static build up on your fabrics is prevented as they tumble around the dryer. No more static cling, no more sparking! Re-use the cloth up to 150 times- that’s just 5 cents per wash!


Statique is  non-toxic, with a low allergy formula and minimum perfume so your clothes don’t have an overpowering smell!


Static cling is caused by fabrics

 rubbing together as they tumble

 around the dryer.


Anti-Static Dryer Cloth

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