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Atkins Nail Paint is a drying nail paint with an antibacterial effect. It helps remove necrotic tissue from nail lesions and helps provide an optimal environment for new skin growth. Perfect for use in humid climates, for people who have constantly wet hands or feet, or who are prone to infections to maintain nail and cuticle health. Atkins Nail Paint comes in a 15ml bottle with brush applicator, making it easy to use on the nail area.


Atkins Nail Paint offers the following activity:

- Antibacterial

- Drying Formulation



- Apply to affected area 5-6 times a day using the included applicator brush.

- For optimal results, apply after drying hands, especially if frequently exposed to water.


Give your damaged nails the care they need with Atkins Nail Paint. Enjoy the convenience of the 3-pack value offering, suitable for both fingernails and toenails.

Atkins Nail Paint (PACK OF 3)

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