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Statique Antistatic Spray 150ml
For over 25 years Statique has been the trusted way to eliminate static cling from clothing and fabrics.
Statique is the answer to static clinging and sparking of garments.
Eliminates static in clothing and fabrics instatntly. SImply spray Statique directly onto the inside of garments or outside of hoisery for instant results.

Statique Antistatic Spray 150ml

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    How to use Statique

    1.         Spray a fine mist onto fabrics. There is no need to saturate the fabric, just slightly dampen the surface.  Some garments may also require spraying on the inside , such as shirts, dresses, and pants. Hosiery should be sprayed before wearing.   The same application method should be followed.  Statique may also be applied whilst ironing garments.

    2          Use Statique as a final rinse.  Some highly generative fabrics may be dipped in a solution of Statique. Use around 3 tablespoons Statique to 1 Litre water. Dry as normal.

    3          Statique should always be re-applied after laundering.

    4          Always test for colour fastness on a small area first. Silks, satins, and some synthetics may watermark - a small test should also be performed on this area.

    5          Keep a small pack of Statique handy. Your office environment may be drier (lower humidity) than your home, creating better conditions for the generation of static electricity on fabrics.


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