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A pure natural non toxic powder starch for fabrics, in a handy jar with scoop.

Traditional starching gives your fabrics a fresh crisp finish, and improves the look and quality of the fabrics. Fabric Starch is also an essential for quilting and other fabric crafts.

Easy to use, with measuring scoop provided inside the jar.

Give your linen, garments and napkins a professional finish, or make your own natural spray starch by adding to water and using a pump spray to apply to fabric when ironing.


Allendale Fabric Starch is 100% natural and can also be used for crafts and to make modelling clay.

Fabric Starch

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  • Starching adds body and luxury to all your fabrics. The quality of your bed linen, tablecloths, napkins and garments will be instantly enhanced.Simply mix 3 spoons of Fabric Starch into 5 cups of water, and dip the linen. Spin and dry as usual. Iron when still slightly damp to produce a beautiful starched finish. You can also spray the starch directly onto fabrics while ironing.Fabric Starch is pure, non-toxic, and comes in a re-sealable container with scoop for easy use.

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