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Ultragenic Surface Spray Disinfectant is handy take with you surface spray disinfectant. Protects from disease causing germs.


Use on fabrics, hard surfaces, handles, seats, anywhere you want germ free contact.


Ultra effective broad -spectrum liquid using the combination of a biocide and quaternary ammonium compound recognized for their antimicrobial effectiveness.


Ready to use Surface Spray

Fast Acting - 5-10 seconds

Use on furniture, door handles, clothing, fabrics.

Fresh Mint Fragrance.


Ultragenic Surface Spray disinfectant has passed the TGA Disinfectant test , and is proven effective against the following organisms:

Staph aureus

Escherichia coli

Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Handy 50ml size to carry with you and ensure you're protected against disease causing germs.

250ml size for the home or office.


Manufactured in Australia under GMP conditions.

Available through Pharmacy only, or direct from our store. CONTACT US FOR BULK PRICING


Ultragenic Surface Disinfectant 50ml

Sales Tax Included
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