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Introducing Glamour Tape, your discreet solution for securing clothing and preventing wardrobe malfunctions. This convenient fashion tape ensures garments stay in place, preventing unsightly gaping or sagging, whether it's for everyday wear, evening attire, or bridal gowns. It's perfect for securing plunging necklines, eliminating gaps, hiding bra straps, securing wrap dresses or shirts, and fixing hems.



- Test the fabric suitability before use.

- Clean your skin with soap and water.

- Remove the backing and press Statique Glamour Tape firmly against the skin or fabric.

- Peel off backing and adhere to the other surface.

- To reposition the tape, gently peel off to reapply.

- Too many attempts will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive


Keep your clothing confidently in place with Glamour Tape!

Glamour Tape (WHOLESALE)

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