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Explore a safe and convenient solution for washing and drying your delicate items, such as lingerie, bras, hosiery, and baby wear. Our washbags offer protection against snags, tangles, and lint, even when handling large loads. Available in various vibrant prints, each washbag is equipped with a secure zip to prevent snagging in the washer or dryer. Ideal for travel and storing delicate items in your luggage or wardrobe.



- Make sure to observe the garment manufacturers care instructions before proceeding.

- Place your delicates inside the bag, fasten the zip and place in the washing machine.

- The washbag may be placed directly into the clothes dryer if appropriate for your garment.

- The washbag can also be used to protect and isolate your delicates in your luggage when travelling.


The Luxury Washing Bag is ideal for safeguarding your delicates, featuring a denser knit for added protection.

Luxury Washing Bag Protector (WHOLESALE)

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