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Allendale Products

At Allendale we have been developing new and unique products for fabrics and the home for over 25 years. We strive to constantly innovate and create products for today's lifestyle. One of our strengths is the ability to conceptualize, formulate and manufacture in our own premises. This allows a high standard of quality control and consistency. 

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Statique Anti Static Spray

There is nothing worse than a clinging skirt, shirt or pants. It ruins your outfit and can be very embarrassing.


Statique works instantly to control static cling!


Simply spray Statique directly on the inside of garments or hosiery. Statique may be used on most fabrics and lasts until the next wash or dry clean!


Statique is non-toxic with a mild perfume.Statique is a waterbased anti-static spray which prevents static build up on fabrics. It is easy to use - just spray onto trouble spots: Always patch test fabric before use.





All Products
  Allendale Dish Mist Spray


  • Dishwash concentrate.

  • Gentale on hands.

  • Non-ToxicApple/Lemon smells

  • 500 ml

  • Spray, Scrub & Rinse SA.


  Allendale Ink And Stain Remover​

  • Removes ink, oily stains, texta, grime, correction fluid, and many difficult stains.

  • Use a a spotter directly onto fabrics or as a prewash.

  • Available from Spotlight, and independent supermarkets in SA and QLD.


  Statique Glamour Tape

  • Keeps clothing in place!

  • Secures plunging necklines, eliminates gaps, hides bra straps, secures a wrap dress or skirt, fixes a hem.

  • Available from pharmacies, selected fashion stores and online shops.  

  Allendale Fabric Starch​


  • Starch for fabrics in a handy resealable jar with scoop, makes starching easy with no mess.

  • Add Fabric Starch to the final rinse of yoru fabrics then iron to produce beautiful crisp starch finish.

  • Completely natural with no chemicals. Can also be mixed with water and sprayed onto fabrics when ironing.

  • Available from and independent supermarkets in SA and QLD.

  Statique Dryer Cloth​

  • Prevents static clinging and sparking in the tumble dryer.

  • Simply spray the special antistatic cloth with Statique and place into the dryer to eliminate static electricity and leave fabrics static free.

  • Available from Coles Supermarkets, Dry cleaners , independent supermarkets, and

  Allendale Wash Bag​

  • Now you can machine wash all your delicates and smalls.

  • The high quality mesh washbag protects from tangling and snags . Great for hoisery, socks, underwear, baby clothes, jumpers and tops. 30x 40cm size.

  • Available from and independent supermarkets in QLD and SA.


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