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Statique Antistatic Spray

There is nothing worse than a clinging skirt, shirt or pants. It ruins your outfit and can be very embarrassing.

Statique works instantly to control static cling!

Simply spray Statique directly on the inside of garments or hosiery. Statique may be used on most fabrics and lasts until the next wash or dry clean!

Statique is non-toxic with a mild perfume.

Statique is a waterbased anti-static spray which prevents static build up on fabrics. It is easy to use - just spray onto trouble spots: Always patch test fabric before use.

  • Clothing: Spray directly onto clinging clothes, pants, dresses, shirts, socks, sweaters. It is best sprayed on the inside of the garment, and only a light mist is required. For panti-hose and lingerie spray on the outside.

  • Clothes Dryer: Spray into the clothes dryer - about 8 sprays. This will stop items clinging together and sparking when removed.

  • Final rinse: For washable items, three tablespoons in just enough water to cover a shirt, pants or skirt. This is particlaurly useful for highly static fabrics such as 100% polyester.

  • Car: Spray onto car seats and carpet to stop sparking as you alight from the vehicle.

  • Aircraft: Take a small bottle of Statique with you. The static cling to fabrics on aircraft can be really embarrassing - On long flights the humidity gets as low as 5%, causing very high static charges.

  • In your bag: Sometimes it will take a few hours for static to start building up on your outfit. Keep a 50ml size in your bag just in case.


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