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Statique is an Anti-Static Spray which prevents static build up on fabrics.


​Statique works instantly to control static cling.


Simply spray Statique directly on the inside of garments or hosiery. It may be used on most fabrics and lasts until the next wash or dry clean!


Statique is non-toxic with a mild perfume.


How to use Statique?

Statique is easy to use, just spray a fine mist  over the inside of garments, or outside of hosiery, and allow to dry. Always patch test for fabric suitability before use.


How long does Statique last?

Statique will be effective on your fabrics until the next wash or dry cleaning.

On carpets and furnishings, you may need to reapply once a month.


Can it be used safely on any fabric?

Statique can be used safely on most fabrics. We recommend to always patch test on a seam area first.

Statique may leave a watermark on shiny, glossy, satins and silks (similar to a spray starch).

It is best to spray a very fine mist on the inside of garments, and in between lining and fabrics. Alternatively you may spray undergarments or hosiery instead. Some gold or metallic fabrics may not be compatible.


Where can I buy Statique?


Coles Supermarkets - fabric care section, Woolworths - hosiery section, IGA Metcash, pharmacy, haberdashery, Spotlight Stores, fashion and lingerie stores.

Statique is also available  online from many outlets including


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