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Effective solutions to every day challenges in your home, at Allendale we manufacture

quality products for your family that deliver results. Available from all leading retailers. Click link above to go to our online store.

Statique Anti Static Spray

There is nothing worse than a clinging skirt, shirt or pants. It ruins your outfit and can be very embarrassing.


Statique is an anti-static spray which prevents static build up on fabrics.

For over 30 years the trusted solution to static cling.




Glamour tape
Statique Glamour Tape

Keeps clothing in place!


Secures plunging necklines, eliminates gaps, hides bra straps, secures a wrap dress or skirt, fixes a hem.


Allendale Wash BagS​

A variety of fabric weaves, prints and sizes to protect delicates in the wash and dryer.


ink & stain remover
Allendale Ink And Stain Remover​

Removes ink, oily stains, texta, grime, correction fluid, and many difficult stains.




Provide modest breast coverage with 3 pairs adhesive breast petals in this value pack. 
Allendale Fabric Starch​


Starch for fabrics in a handy resealable jar with scoop, makes starching easy with no mess and it is completely natural with no chemicals.


statique dryer cloth
Statique Dryer Cloth​

Prevents static clinging and sparking in the tumble dryer.


Simply spray the special antistatic cloth with Statique and place into the dryer to eliminate static electricity and leave fabrics static free.

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